What Hurts the Most

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Title:What Hurts the Most
author: billeblacklupin aka lara_black77
Prompt: Sirius100 Grimmauld Place, Potter Prompts Grapple sirius_remus100 Pensive
rated pg13
Summery:The first chapter in the life and loves of Sirius Black tthis chapter is pg13 m15 as a whole Remus and Sirius have a fight over Severus and Sirius revels his own past

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"Halloween" (Padfoot, Crookshanks, G, 100)

Title: Halloween
Challenge: Cats
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings:  Sirius as padfoot, Crookshanks.
Author's Comments: First post to sirius100 , and clearly after the community's prime. :) Also at my fanfiction/fic rec blog.
Sirius pads down yet another corridor, nails clicking on the cold stone. The orange cat prowls ahead of him, darting around corners to be sure the way is clear. Sirius is fond of the cat, though he occasionally fights down the inane urge to chase it through the castle. He has been Padfoot for far too long.
Sirius flinches as a painting of drunken witches whistle loudly at him, ears flat. He has already passed Peeves without being revealed, but the witches remind him of the other castle inhabitants, far below in the Great Hall. He hastens to catch up.
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Sirius Black and the Mother's Day Essay; PG

Title: Sirius Black and the Mother's Day Essay
Author: dead_sexydexy
Rating: PG, Gen!
Form: drabble
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sirius, McGonagall
Notes:Inspired by this
Guns N' Roses song. (Title is a spoiler)
Summary: Even when he does his homework, Sirius can't stay out of trouble.
Disclaimer: The Potterverse is not mine, I make no money from it, I don’t intend to harm it or anyone else.
Comments and Concrit: Are always welcome.
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Sirius Dead Sexy

Why Alice Shagged Sirius-- PG13

Title: Why Alice shagged Sirius
Author: dead_sexydexy
Challenge: None
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:100
Characters: Alice, Lily (previous Alice/Sirius )
Warnings: No actual smut
Notes: I'm working random lines from songs and movies I like into various HP drabbles. Random line in this one comes from Rose Tint My World-- Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Disclaimer: The Potterverse is not mine, I make no money from it, I don’t intend to harm it or anyone else. Ditto the Horrorverse.
Comments and Concrit: Are always welcome.
Thanks: to plynn78 for the uberquick beta.

As if anyone needs a reason to shag Sirius…
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Soul Mates

title: Soulmates
Author: billeblacklupin/sfbfever
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: twice a week gramgerblack100,  Animagus for Sirius100
Characters: Sirius/Hermione
Authors Notes: I still don't own I think you know who does

Hermione Granger and Sirius Black were sitting on the drawing room floor.  Twice a week they came together so Sirius could teach Hermione about becoming an Animagus. It was said that the witch or wizard does not choose the shape but what could only could be described as their soul reflection choose it for them. Hermione felt that the breakthrough was near. Now this day Sirius encouraged her to finally take her form. Hermione closed her eyes and when she opened her eyes again she saw that she was a dog. Proof to Hermione that she and Sirius were meant to be.

Thank Crookshanks

Title: Thank Crooshanks
Author: </a></b></a>sfbfever/ billeblacklupin
Challenge: Grangerblack100  No one is looking, Sharing a cheesecake
Rating: PG
Pairings: Hermione/Sirius
Characters: Sirius, Hermione
Summary: Sequel to confessions of a Canine Mind
Word Count: 100

“Go on Hermione, no one is looking” whispered Sirius in her ear. Damn that man he always knew what she wanted thanks to his spying on her as Padfoot.  She had gotten a taste of his true feelings that day three weeks ago She had to admit to herself that it made her feel good that he wanted her like she wanted him. She could not be to hard on him for not saying anything she did not have the courage to say anything either,“Alright” replied Hermione giving in and finished the cheesecake that Sirius had gotten for them

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Title: Confessions of a Canine Mind
Author: sfbfever/ billeblacklupin
Challenge: Cats Sirius100 and GrangerBlack100 Sharing Cheescake
Rating: PG
Pairings: Hermione/Sirius
Characters: Sirius, Hermione
Warning: AU
Summary: Padfoot reflects on the relationship between Crookshanks and Hermione
Word Count: 100

Sirius Black as Padfoot was sitting in the Grimmauld Place kitchen watching Hermione Granger and her cat Crookshanks share a cheesecake.  Sirius always liked Crookshanks even if he was a cat the known enemy for his dog shape.  However Sirius could not help but feel jealousy that Crookshanks was sitting next to the secret object of his affection having her smile at the ginger animal, as she should be smiling at him.  His dark thoughts where interrupted by the voice of Hermione saying “Come here boy” As she smiled at him giving hope, holding out a bite of the cheesecake.