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Thank Crookshanks [Oct. 21st, 2008|02:11 pm]
Sirius Black Drabbles
Title: Thank Crooshanks
Author: </a></b></a>sfbfever/ billeblacklupin
Challenge: Grangerblack100  No one is looking, Sharing a cheesecake
Rating: PG
Pairings: Hermione/Sirius
Characters: Sirius, Hermione
Summary: Sequel to confessions of a Canine Mind
Word Count: 100

“Go on Hermione, no one is looking” whispered Sirius in her ear. Damn that man he always knew what she wanted thanks to his spying on her as Padfoot.  She had gotten a taste of his true feelings that day three weeks ago She had to admit to herself that it made her feel good that he wanted her like she wanted him. She could not be to hard on him for not saying anything she did not have the courage to say anything either,“Alright” replied Hermione giving in and finished the cheesecake that Sirius had gotten for them